Jewish Women of Color Need to Thrive and Not Just Survive...

As Black and Brown women continue to lead in the fight to dismantle white supremacy, resist racism, and contradict anti-Blackness as normative we are presently in a fight for our lives. At Dimensions we meet Jewish Women of Color (JWOC) and BIPOC women every day who are daring greatly to speak truth to power and secure equitable treatment for all of us. In deep relationship, we find these same women leaders battling to secure education and work opportunities, equitable access to healthcare and human services, childcare, affordable, safe and quality housing and mental health resources.  

JWOC are our mothers, our daughters, our nieces, our sisters, our sis-stahs and our sis-Stars who choose to gift their "mother-work" to the global necessity of making this world better for the generations that will follow us. In these 10 days of awe, repair and reflection, Dimensions invites you to gift the JWOC and BIPOC women leaders, that we fight for every day, the opportunity to save some for themselves. We're asking you to donate and help us assure that JWOC everywhere are not just doing a great job of surviving the systems that we all have a responsibility to repair- but also thriving along the way by prioritizing their own wellness and wellbeing. 

We thank you in advance for bringing in this 5723 Jewish New Year by helping JWOC to help each other and to help themselves!  Shanah Tovah Umetukah!



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